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What makes you stronger

What making you stronger is not thinking about strength or reading about how to acquire strength, it's getting up, working hard, doing what you don't feel like doing and moving out from your comfort zone into the non comfortable fields. It's not going to sleep because you must sleep, but sleeping when you are over exhausted and need to take a break. What makes you stronger is overcoming one obstacle after another when you thought you don't have the ability to face any of them. Doing this will give you the power to build the strength you may even not realize that you have.

Motivate your day

1. Just one more time, the hardest way to fall is leaving yourself fall without any resistance. 
2. You may try a hundred times and think you have failed while you are on the step just before the successful one.
3. Dream, plan, imagine and draw your future but never forget to work hard. Working hard is the only way to managing them all.

4. Just because you haven't reached it yet doesn't mean that your dream is flying away. The process and time are the most important for a dream to be achieved in its perfect shape, just do your best.
5. The one who can create a new idea can create tons of them.

what you believe in is what you become

Tell yourself that you are going to succeed and repeat it several times a day. With the time passing, one day you are going to be surprised with where you will be standing, this may be on the first step, in the middle or at the final round of your own road of success.
Only then, your dreams, your plans, your goal and your whole life is going to be worthy in the eyes of yours. Then, you will understand the meaning of defeating the fear, doing the impossible, opening the locked doors and you will believe that what you believe in is what you become and what you whisper to yourself with no one hearing everyday is what builds your inner strength or your out-most fear.
Just believe in yourself.

And I will write my own story

And I will write my own story;
I have been watching the lives of people; those who succeed, those who fail and those who are lost in between. I have been learning, failing, succeeding and living. However, this is the least I could do. I still have more and more to do and reach. 

I passed a period of my life, precious times wasted at times while great memories built other times. I had much help from others and a little help from me. I had all thoughts, all feelings and all plans. I received compliments and insults. I was motivated by my scars before my trophies. I was doing my best to change for the better, yet I got a bit late because of my shortcomings and misleading.

It was all in the past till until this moment. Now I think everything is different. I have grown up. My past ten years are in that little room of my mind, I will close it tight to start the next ten years without hesitations. I got to take the step right now or I may not be able to do it later. I am just me, but more matur…

So, it's okay

No matter how slow you are going or how slow you are getting close to your dreams, you are still in the right direction, so it's okay..The little features you own that simply don't stand out yet no one else have can change your world when you realize their own value, don't belittle them, so it's okay to be simple.The most beautiful thing is to have the big hope while you are struggling and sweating hard trying to just go on, this is what gonna make you succeed, so it's okay to be a little man with a giant hope.You may have wasted much time in the past which will not come back, but it's okay that you are reaching the extent of realizing how precious the next hours, days and years are. It's a lesson, so it's okay.If you really want to do it, you will do it and you can do it no matter what happens and no matter how much time and effort it takes, so it's okay as long as you really really want to do it.The thing about life is of believing in you, growing…