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I fail in order to succeed

I love my life. I respect my existence. I may fail, but to succeed later. It's not failure what people see in my life, it's success disguised in a form of success. What I believe in is what will and should continue. What I always do is what I allow to be in the life of mine. 

This is not my theory, this is what history has told us through the biographies of those famous and successful ones. Thomas Edison was a loser in the eyes of some people. They watched his repeated failures times and times, yet he wasn't that loser in the eyes of himself. He believed in himself, he believed in failure as a part of future success. 

He said: I haven't failed, I have just found 10000 ways that won't work. He also believed that our greatest weakness lies in giving up and the most certain way to succeed is to try just one more time. He respected his existence and valued the time spent trying to succeed and he succeeded that we talk about him after that much time passed. So we can say …

A few motivational thoughts

Zen proverb

How to train your mind to be positive

The mind is simple and to train your mind to be positive, you need to know a few things. It's like that; what you do and how you act is the reflection of your inner thoughts. You think you are clever and you are going to be a great man one day, then it's a fact. 
Just like a mirror in your room; you think your hair is a mess and you are like a ghost, then you look at the mirror with such a mindset and see a scary ghost. 

Try it for real, but try it on its bright side; plant a seed in your mind and water it for a week, then look for your yield after that week and I am sure you will be satisfied. The seed is your inner whispers you are goings to repeat everyday to yourself, the water is adding plenty of thoughts with non stop setbacks and the yield will be a new person with a surprising mind, strength and positivity. It's not magic, this is science.

Let me tell you; Repetition and affirmations of your orders to the subconscious mind is the best known way to develop a deep faith…

Now listen to this story

Life needs cleverness along with kindness, each side needs the other one. Being clever is not something that can be gained by staying all night reading about cleverness, it's what you gain through your past mistakes or mistakes of people around you. Try to be smarter than you are and kinder than you need to be.

Now listen to this story...

There was a story of a lion. It was pretending to be sick, all animals of the jungle were worried about their lion king that they went to visit it one after another.
Then, it was the fox's turn. It went towards the cave but never entered inside.
 It asked the lion: how is your health now?
 The lion answered: I am very ill, but why are you waiting outside the cave? you can come closer.
The fox said: no thanks I will never enter. The lion was surprised and asked about the reason.
The fox said: I can see animals' footprints going into your cave but no footprints are coming out of it!
The fox knew it, it knew how clever the lion is, that'…