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I have eyes

There are times when I really want to give up everything and just do nothing. I don't want to be a failure, but I just don't fit in the success customs. I do fail a hundred times while succeed once. I am not acceptable for myself!

This feeling is not something new, it happens most of the times. However, I also have that belief: when I reach my limits of despair, I am about to reach another limit of success and even strength. This happens all the time, there is no a forever day, the night must come after all. There is no forever tears or our bodies wouldn't have fluids anymore!
There is no forever anyway. Even life ends!

Today, when I looked out of my room's window, I watched someone who was blind, he wasn't sure where was the house he was looking for, he kept on turning right then left, I felt extremely sorry for his confusion. However, fortunately two elders were passing by and helped him. By then, I felt that I am too petty, how can I give up my dreams when I have t…

The bad one

The bad man may be lying inside you, judging this one and arguing with that one, living as a watchman only observing people around him. What I wanna say is: they may not be as bad as you see. You may be looking at one or two aspects of thousands you can not see. Be careful when you feel angry with someone and extra careful when you are very happy with someone.

Today's motivation

The more I get stepped on, the much more I want to stand out and shine. 
It's okay to get hurt every now and then as long as I can overcome it. 
I am stronger with the lessons I learn not only with being at my safety zone..
This is my motivation for today, I hope it can help you a little, my friends.