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Hope is what makes me write these words

I have failed times and times. It has been that long since I started searching for the right path. It's not that easy, yet it's sweet and interesting. 

To be able to fight for your dreams is a blessing itself. Even if there's a long way ahead and nothing seems to be smooth, I will be always carrying hope in my arm and going on. 

Hope is what makes me write these words. I have a long way to go and I need to be hopeful, motivated and inspired most of the times. I hope I can share my motivational moments with everyone.
And, thanks for reading me. 

nick vujicic Never give up

Best motivational speech for Nick Vujicic

The greatest disability is not having any arms or any legs, the greatest disability is your mind, the choices that you make..

Are you gonna make the choice to get up instead of give up?!
There is no greater disability that we have in our life than to make the decision to give up because once you give up, then there is no hope but until you give up there is that hope. 
Every time you fail, every time you fall down, you learn something new. You're ready for the next one. You learn how not to do something.
You can only win if you do not give up.
Nick Vujicic said: If nothing's holding me back, what's holding you back?!
There are times in life you don't see the good in your situation. Just because you can't see it, it doesn't mean it's not coming.

He also said: I've gone from the life without limbs into a life without limits, what about you?!
Dear friends, it's worth fighting, just never give up!