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One life that makes you proud of you being you

Success is not easy, yet it's not impossible. We are not born successful, but we do fight for our happiness, satisfaction and comfort, this is success. Most successful figures we hear about didn't climb the ladder at one night, they fought battles we do not know about. 
The difference between one successful person and another is a commitment, someone is committed to his own goals and plans. He does whatever he can to stay focused on the overall purpose, fight his battles while concentrating on his goals. He gets sick, tired, devastated and even depressed, but he believes it's temporary, he knows that this is the usual process for success. The greater the goal, the tougher the fight gets. 

There is nothing easier than giving up, you can just ignore it all and live inside a cave of your comfort zone, but guess what? It's like hell, no aims, no dreams and no motivation or desire to get something you want badly which is the joy of life. You get up in the morning, nothing to …