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And at times, I thought that

And at times, I thought that everything would change, but nothing has changed.
 Later, I found out that anything to change, it needs a process and if I do nothing for this to happen, nothing happens. No matter how much I cry and weep.
The real answer is always action. It's to start my own process and make a strategy for my plans, then things are going to change, for sure..
For me to go even only one step forward, I need to close my eyes and imagine my life in ten years later and if I were to chase my dreams, I need to see my hope in dreams to be able to go on. I see my hope, my dreams, my happiness and my whole life.
Then things become brighter and clearer even if this is temporary. I forget the struggles and I just go on. I do it times and times until came to believe that this is the right way to preserve.
I just try and try without giving up. I think of giving up often, but I can never give up why!! Because giving up will get me nowhere and this is not my target!

My night thoughts

It's that time when I have no passion for anything, I dislike whatever I liked before, my dreams and goals are dull and so far, I am keeping this distance from everybody. This happens to everyone, we have that period when our curve is falling down, but I am not forgetting that if I do better and overcome this time, my curve will rise gradually again!

I am trying my best not to fall apart, It's not easy but worth exerting my greatest efforts to reach!
Ideal words like I can do it and I will reach my dreams at times of depression sometimes become annoying.

I have this feeling from time to time, but it works! Yes these words work on me despite how annoyed I get and when repeated continuously the work even better!

Hard times are hard because they won't get off easily. We have to fight and do the unusual efforts of ourselves to get the unusual strength from those times, right?!

I was actually ready to sleep when I had these words on my mind. I wanted to share them with you, g…