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One motivational life

Looking into their eyes seems to feel like magic..

One life, one smile and one moment, it takes only one simple thing to make a change. Maybe all we need is this one little thing. These photos are actually making me smile happily and unknowingly. I hope you watch them and smile too. Then, maybe one small burden fall off your shoulders and another one hopeful thought takes place. Don't underestimate little thing, we are so many little things put together anyway.

Six quotes to live by

Always look forward for being better and under any circumstances bear that in mind.

Never let the lies some people may say about your life affect your vision of yourself.

The sun will always rise no matter what happened, this is the law of nature, so never give up

Do a favor for your body and your soul by eating healthy food as this is may be the strength you are providing for yourself by yourself.

One moment of your life will never repeat again, it's this moment, so make sure you are living it to the fullest.

 Stay strong, stay focused and don't let the cloudy sky make you forget that the rain will always come after. Never give up!

Random thoughts

There is no absolute happiness nor sadness. A portion of each makes what we are already living in. So much happiness can kill at times. I don't mean I do not need that so much happiness! Actually, I need so so much of those feelings. 

 However, I want to figure out what is keeping them so far that long. I am trying to change what has to be changed. Maybe I am standing in the wrong pose, that such feelings are stuck behind that they cannot get through! 

However, I want to figure out what is keeping them so far that long. I am trying to change what has to be changed. Maybe I am standing in the wrong pose, that such feelings are stuck behind that they cannot get through! 

Thinking about it, this theory may be wrong too, yet some things have got to be changed anyway. You know this feeling when you realize that your life is not what you can call a right life confidently! 

Maybe the habits we develop and get used to doing are making the big issue here, such things, maybe the building units …

Beautiful pictures of life

Life is beautiful once we start looking at it with positive eyes. 

There are many good things around us, it's just we may not have the time or the mind to looks around a little bit slower giving our eyes the time to catch up with such beautiful things.

Here are some pictures that caught my heart immediately. I likes them and I hope you enjoy them and feel charged again, my friends. Thank you.

One little girl had a dream

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who went to bed and had a dream

My thoughts for today 18/03/2017

Sometimes we only need to focus on today and only today, so that the fears of the future won't withhold the progress of this today. Today, at this moment, what am I doing? where am I going? And what is the benefit of me doing this or that? 
Simple questions, yes, that's right, but life is all about simplicity. Complications we live at are sometimes the real reason of our depression and inability to make the best use of our capabilities.
What we think of is what we become. So, let's try to think it simple, maybe the answer is right over there!

Today, I tried to think simple and I found out that it is a normal day; I went to work, came back home, had dinner and right now I am updating my blog. Nothing much happened, it's only about work, home and family or people around. However, when I tried to empty my head of thoughts and my heart of feelings, I found out so much to talk about and complain about . My biggest source of complication is deep inside. I know life is not that …

There is nothing you can not do

Time goes by and things are not done properly. Life is going faster than usual, just because we are concentrating on making it slower. Age is going on its way that no one can stop it, people around us have already succeeded in the eyes of us. yet we are here looking around, calculating the percentages of failure and success and hesitating to do this or that. So, here is the real story:

Some people started learning letters and how to write at the age of sixty and eighty, you won't believe that but it's true! One woman was once a housewife cooking and raising her son, then one day she woke up from a long sleep to find herself a doctor at her forties, her son was dead from cancer and her husband left her, so she had to change her life completely and she did! 
One young man in his twenties has always lived his life in the dark cave of drug addiction, despite the battles he had fought that we know nothing about, one day, which is now he became a successful dentist, I'm sure that …

Everything you dream of will happen

Yesterday I wanted to punish myself for failing again to start what I have to. Today I want to punish my negative thoughts of yesterday for discouraging my soul and denying my efforts. I was feeling bad that I denied every good thing I did before. Yesterday I was immersed in despair and pain, today I am developing positive thoughts. 

Between yesterday and today, nothing much happened, but only getting myself to heal. I'm not saying i'm fine again, but I am getting better. I'm saying that i'm simply not giving up.
A lot of things happened in the past couple of months. 
A lot of failing and a lot of failure stamps were stick on my life. I made all decisions, I made all efforts and I decided to make a choice knowing that I may be wrong, but I also had that dream in my mind; the dream of me going one step backward to be able to jump ten ones forward. I can see how difficult it is, but I can't seem to know a successful person with no failure records and backward steps. Thi…

Never give up my friend

One day everything will become different. Nothing lasts forever, such hard times and those happy times, all will coming and going. So, until we meet again, my happiness, I will do my best. 
Now, it's time to smile, smile again and smile one more time until life starts to change for me. 
My life won't be changed unless I change first. So, working hard to gain happiness won't be different from working hard to change oneself. So, just smile my friend and never give up. NEVER!

Be patient my friend

Just try to be more patient, my friend..

Just never give up

Never give up. One day you will see the fruit of your efforts. It may seem impossible 🙅 at this moment, it may be hard enough to stop trying and it may seem to be the end of the process, but still never give up. There is no successful person has climbed the ladder at one go. Painful steps, slower steps and thorny steps, they are all there on the same road. This is what shows you that you are on the right way.
SO, JUST NEVER GIVE UP, so that everything you are fated to have can find its way for you.👌✍️