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My persistence

Some things can only happen when we are persistent enough letting them happen. Just like sincerity can move mountains, persistence can make miracles happen. Sometimes, I feel that certain things can only be seen if I persist and never give up. I did it once, I persisted in doing that one thing, it was nearly impossible to be done, yet I never gave up. I have failed times and times, but it was something I really needed,maybe that's why I could not give up easily. That was the one time I remember clearly that my persistence and first of all God allowed it to happen. I wonder if all things I dream of would be placed before my eyes if I had the enough determination and persistence to let them happen? Am I not doing my very best and instead making enough excuses for my heart to move on quickly and give up? What if I persist on this one thing again? What if I never give up once more?

Someone who tells you how beautiful you are

Someone who tells you how good you are, someone who tells you how kind you are and someone who tells you how beautiful you are. Sometimes all needed is someone who tells you the things that you could not tell yourself for years, the things that can make your heart feel much lighter or the things that can be the pushing power you have been missing all that time. 

Some people have such power, the power to make you feel yourself in the best and the most amazing state. However, not every time you need that someone, you can find him. Life is not a thing that we can figure out easily, so waiting for someone to tell you beautiful things is like waiting for the rain to fall down on Earth. Today may be raining, but the next few days may be dry. Let yourself be the One who tells you the best words in your life. 

You may not feel the beauty within you most of the times, but you can remind yourself from time to time of the best features of your soul. You are the best and the most worthy person in t…

The memory

Memories keep flowing; really passionate and heart aching ones. Now I feel blessed for having sweet memories to rely on. People I loved and cared for even if they are not here anymore, they are craved in my memory that I keep hearing their laughs in my ears. I miss them and wanna go back with time to that time when we were all breathing. Now, I can only pray for their peace and say: I loved you, I love you and I will always be loving you while living with your memories. And because this  is how is life keeps going, it's fine.