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I have to be stronger

I have to be stronger. I really want to be stronger. Being strong is nothing but knowing the exact point I am going forward to and having the strong determination and perseverance to stand up every time I fall. I know so many things about strength but I just don't go according to my knowledge. It may be because I have hesitated about a lot of things and my self confidence has gone worse the past period of my life. However, I have learnt many things that can rebuild my strength firmer. I will regain my strength because I have to and I need to. I have to be strong and I will do my best to bounce high again, as life is not all about being up or even being down, it is about managing the balance between them. The courage to stand up after being down and the wisdom to never give up when things are about to turn wrong. That's why I will be stronger.

A little more

I can't have everything in the world just by wishing. I have to give up on something big in order to gain something even bigger. There is nothing in this world is as easy as dreaming. However, there is nothing in this world is as worthy as achieving a long life dream after fighting that long to get it. Ripen fruits are the most delicious, yet they need just their right time to ripe this sweet. A little more persistence, a little more effort and a little more faith in myself, I think everything I want and  need will find its way  eventually.