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Never give up

Never give up a dream worth living because dreams give your heart enough power to go on and through this life bravely and successfully. 

Never give up your dreams, your plans or your hoped-for future just because you are facing big hardships; hard times come to pass taking away tears and sweat and leave enough space for glory and success. 

The beginning is often hard on most people yet they hold on and pause from time to time taking a deep breath to start strongly once over again. 

You can fall down ten times or even a thousand times but you must get up again and try again and again. The water you are searching for in despair maybe just behind that big rock. 

Hope's always been there, open your heart and hold onto it tightly. Never give up till you get what satisfies your mind and fill your heart.

One true friend

While growing up, we do learn things; we realize what's important, what is less important and what's the most important. We gain friends, lose friends and sometimes let go of some friends. 

To get to know that having just one true friend is more important than having tons of unfaithful ones, it took us years and tears of getting tripped and getting hurt until the lesson has been learned.

There are no normal people

Normal people don't exist. There are kind people, warm people, reasonable people, smart people, successful people and good-looking people, but there are no good features of all people in only one person. 

That's why there are no normal people. Then, when you think that you are not normal physically or emotionally then you must be sure that you are on the right track. Then, you are a human being. 

Human beings can't be perfect and can't be normal. There are no normal people on this planet.

Hope is everything

Hope maybe someone's everything. Holding onto hope is catching everything needed eventually.

Everything is going to be alright at the end If it's not all right, then it's not the end...
If not for those words, hope would have been knocked down of despair. There is always the unknown that will be the good coming after the bad.

Hope is everything a successful person has and it's all he needs to always move from one step into the next one.

Motivation is

Motivation is the desire to do things. The desire to read this article and the motive to go through it till the end. This is the motive. Motivation is getting up early in the morning wanting to do this and that but not waking up and walking aimlessly for hours and hours.

Motivating oneself to do things properly and of course to plan them first accurately is the positive motivation. It's really good to get the best use of this inner power and produce something decent in this life of us. Motivating oneself to build a bigger and a wider plan for the future and motivating oneself to go through this plan till the end, this is the motivation we need.

Motivation is not only working hard and just working to make achievements; it's also enjoying the road we go through, the sadness we endure and the tears we shed along that road, it gives heart the thriller it calls for to enjoy the journey.

At the end, the result seen from time to time is the sweetest of all efforts exerted. Motivation i…

Those quiet moments

In your quiet moment, there's always that inner whisper that keep on telling you things. Those times are precious, always listen to that inner voice. It's the sound of your true heart.

Do this, think like that, this apology will make you better, that road will be your future and so on.

Those are not predictions or even nonsense, no they are moments of a clear mind and a true self. When you experience one of those times treasure them well and do what you truly feel like doing after that.

Fall seven times and get up on eight

Fall seven times and get up on eight, never give in to staying at the bottom. It's a given that down there can be the starting point, but the upcoming stairs of the ladder of life is carrying the better, the most exciting and for sure carrying the future.
 Go on forward and chase after your bright future.

When you want something

When you want something badly, you will find a way no matter what happens, but if you are not serious enough or determined enough, you will find tons of excuses.

I will be patient

Things change and of course sadness changes itself to be transformed into happiness and then content. It is only a matter of time, patience is the key. No matter how hard it is now, one day this hard time will be a tough lesson that will never be forgotten.
I just wish hard times go away soon. I will be patient.

Just dream

Picasso said that everything we have the ability to imagine is a real thing. Why don't we release it and give this mind the freedom to imagine and build its own dreams. One day dreams of this small mind can be the victory of someone who has lived for all time...

I am sure it will be better

It sounds it will not get any better, but I am sure it will be wonderful some day...
It's suffocating and depressing, but I am sure these feelings are going to disappear very soon..
It's dark and dull in my eyes now, but I am sure the sun is not going to let me down tomorrow..