Motivation is

Motivation is the desire to do things. The desire to read this article and the motive to go through it till the end. This is the motive. Motivation is getting up early in the morning wanting to do this and that but not waking up and walking aimlessly for hours and hours.

Motivating oneself to do things properly and of course to plan them first accurately is the positive motivation. It's really good to get the best use of this inner power and produce something decent in this life of us. Motivating oneself to build a bigger and a wider plan for the future and motivating oneself to go through this plan till the end, this is the motivation we need.

Motivation is not only working hard and just working to make achievements; it's also enjoying the road we go through, the sadness we endure and the tears we shed along that road, it gives heart the thriller it calls for to enjoy the journey.

At the end, the result seen from time to time is the sweetest of all efforts exerted. Motivation is just a nice word to hear and say after further searching learning and walking towards it. Motivate yourself to get what you want by searching with in you for the real treasures and dealing with them the right way.