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A new start

It's an end of a month with a new start for a new month and it's also- if I wanted to- a new start for a new life with new promising plans and a new future vision, I just will try more and do much and much to achieve a long life worthy dream of mine.

Your life still goes for the best

The hearing aids, they help you hear better. However, you can still try harder and hear without them depending solely on your impaired yet hardworking ears. 
Either options happen to someone; to have those aids or to go through a certain period of your life without them. You just suffer a little more yet you will still get your hearing aids one day but which time of your life period are you getting them .... still the unknown!!!
The conclusion is : your life still going forward to the best.

I believe I can fly

My place is not where I am standing that's why I can't stand still. I am supposed to be higher, lighter and upper than this!
I just wanna fly and I believe I can fly.
The sky's been calling me continuously. This is not a poet, this is the fact I am trying to adapt. Flying is not easy. well, our ancestors showed us with great evidences that flying just like that is impossible. Just waiting for the wind to carry someone higher on its way is not an option, it's a long life fantasy, maybe!
People invented airplanes just like birds that have their own wings. Then, either I invent a wing or construct my own airplane. The way out is seen. I can fly, but maybe not at the moment or even at the coming years, but there is no one can say for sure in front of my face you can not!
I do can fly and I will do my best to handle this matter as soon as possible.

People live on dreams and dreams are achieved only by those people.
Well, there's someone's said it before: I believe I can f…

Scattered thoughts

We only have one life, but it's enough to do whatever we dream of as long as we don't stop without trying enough. Days may seem the same but each day has its value, its time limit and its circumstances. One day maybe enough to do much yet another maybe very short to even think of what to do. All days have the same twenty four hours, but the way we plan those hours is the most important. I can say that we are the key and the lock at the same time.

Don't say it's impossible and never say time's over. Time is here and impossible is a word we invented to cover our embarrassed fronts when giving up becomes the closest way out. There are impossibles but not all are not possible.

You can't say I regret it badly as long as you wanted it equally. Decisions aren't always right, but wrong ones are our teachers. No one can live just doing the rights, everyone need his own guidance. Don't regret it, just overcome it. Learn, get hurt, cry and fall down as deep as your …
It's not about what  we want to achieve and what we plan, sometimes it's about what my life lacks and can make it better. At times, what we want badly is not what gonna make us happier on the long term.

Ten memorable quotes about life

1. Life is special when you want to make it special, forget the bad, work on the good and let time do the rest...

2. When you wake up in the morning, it means that it wasn't time for leaving, it's time for living...

3. Be rational at times, emotional for another times and don't forget that from time to time the mind changes and the heart may soften or harden...

4. Find a worthy and a giant dream to go after, fight for and exert your efforts for its achievement or you may live your life fighting against yourself and those around you...

5. When you fear something that much, open your eyes wide and go forward passing it to find what behind fears. Then, you will gain a new strength for sure...

6. Life would be meaningless with no excitement if everything was smooth and attainable. Just like getting numb from sitting at one position all time...

7. Great thoughts bring along great dreams and great dreams bring along every great worthy weapons of strength, hope, enthusiasm, believe and…

Happiness comes from the inside

You can't say I am happy because the surroundings are perfect, but you can say I am happy because I am at peace with myself; I am satisfied with my life and I wanna do more, not angry with my shortcomings but I need to work harder.
When you believe that happiness depends on what's inside you not just with what's going on around you, you will find your happiness.