I believe I can fly

My place is not where I am standing that's why I can't stand still. I am supposed to be higher, lighter and upper than this!
I just wanna fly and I believe I can fly.
The sky's been calling me continuously. This is not a poet, this is the fact I am trying to adapt. Flying is not easy. well, our ancestors showed us with great evidences that flying just like that is impossible. Just waiting for the wind to carry someone higher on its way is not an option, it's a long life fantasy, maybe!
People invented airplanes just like birds that have their own wings. Then, either I invent a wing or construct my own airplane. The way out is seen. I can fly, but maybe not at the moment or even at the coming years, but there is no one can say for sure in front of my face you can not!
I do can fly and I will do my best to handle this matter as soon as possible.

People live on dreams and dreams are achieved only by those people.
Well, there's someone's said it before: I believe I can fly. I believe I can touch the sly...