Scattered thoughts

We only have one life, but it's enough to do whatever we dream of as long as we don't stop without trying enough. Days may seem the same but each day has its value, its time limit and its circumstances. One day maybe enough to do much yet another maybe very short to even think of what to do. All days have the same twenty four hours, but the way we plan those hours is the most important. I can say that we are the key and the lock at the same time.

Don't say it's impossible and never say time's over. Time is here and impossible is a word we invented to cover our embarrassed fronts when giving up becomes the closest way out. There are impossibles but not all are not possible.

You can't say I regret it badly as long as you wanted it equally. Decisions aren't always right, but wrong ones are our teachers. No one can live just doing the rights, everyone need his own guidance. Don't regret it, just overcome it. Learn, get hurt, cry and fall down as deep as your situation takes you to, but get up with much more strength to just hit the top. Just like you go upstairs while down stairs are still there, you can do a better job at that future of yours while doing nothing still as option for you.

Sometimes, we need to say words we know very much and repeat them again and again until they become the rules. Tough times still come and go, hold on and never let go. Just like last year's gone with less regrets, this year is going to leave with much little ones. It's going to be alright...