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It's how you live your life what determines how the journey ends

How you live your life is what determines what kind of person you are and it's how you live your life what determines how your journey ends.
Limited life, limited changes, limited capabilities and even limited feelings. Everything in someone's life is set to limits where no vast changes and no life progress.
Sometimes, it's from the inside; not being able to move forward even towards the next step. 
It's fear that have such an effect, it's also the comfort zone we maybe stuck into, that habits of everyday which make it hard to do something new or to take a decision of some important change.

A free soul and a free body may be locked into that cell inside that prison of self-limitations.
Those limitations are not about the in capability, but the inability to take a step forward. Everyone has such a thing, find your own issue within you. You know what you wanna do and what makes you don't dare to. 

Feelings trapped into your locked heart can make your soul suffocate bec…

Eleven quotes to motivate your day

Start your day with motivational and inspirational thoughts then go ahead and apply into action. You can do anything you want and you may never imagine you can not as long as you stick long enough to it.
Do your best and stay focused till the end. It's your dream and your life, so manage them well.
Here are best motivational quotes to help your mind get recharged:

Today not tomorrow

A good idea implemented today is much better than a great idea implemented tomorrow. Just do it today, think today, plan today and start your action immediately. I don't know what tomorrow may brings but I have something is born today and I am going to continue tomorrow.

We may think that we have plenty of time and it's always on our side, but no time is running very fast and faster than one may imagine. Work faster, speed is what gonna keep you on track.

Just get started. When you believe your work is going to be done quickly, it will be done quickly, it's always your choice and your inner conscious is just going accordingly. When you do something out of urgency, you will work from your gut and the right thing will be done before you even think about it yourself!

The perfect time to improve yourself is always today and the best time to get everything done well is also this day. It's today not tomorrow.

Most Inspiring quotations

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