It's how you live your life what determines how the journey ends

How you live your life is what determines what kind of person you are and it's how you live your life what determines how your journey ends.
Limited life, limited changes, limited capabilities and even limited feelings. Everything in someone's life is set to limits where no vast changes and no life progress.
Sometimes, it's from the inside; not being able to move forward even towards the next step. 
It's fear that have such an effect, it's also the comfort zone we maybe stuck into, that habits of everyday which make it hard to do something new or to take a decision of some important change.

A free soul and a free body may be locked into that cell inside that prison of self-limitations.
Those limitations are not about the in capability, but the inability to take a step forward. Everyone has such a thing, find your own issue within you. You know what you wanna do and what makes you don't dare to. 

Feelings trapped into your locked heart can make your soul suffocate because feelings are meant to be expressed. Enthusiasm comes from developing positive feelings followed by positive attitudes towards them with enough respect to reach the degree of satisfaction with yourself. Then you can set everything into action and nothing can stop you. You let go of fear and those scary habits while being immersed into beautiful dreams pursued with the positive powers you're developing bravely.

Don't forget that you have the ability to do anything and everything once you set your mind to. You can change yourself and your world will change eventually. Do what you can and reach wherever you can reach and have faith in your journey. And don't forget that it's how you live your life what determines how the journey ends