And I will write my own story

And I will write my own story;
I have been watching the lives of people; those who succeed, those who fail and those who are lost in between. I have been learning, failing, succeeding and living. However, this is the least I could do. I still have more and more to do and reach. 

I passed a period of my life, precious times wasted at times while great memories built other times. I had much help from others and a little help from me. I had all thoughts, all feelings and all plans. I received compliments and insults. I was motivated by my scars before my trophies. I was doing my best to change for the better, yet I got a bit late because of my shortcomings and misleading.

It was all in the past till until this moment. Now I think everything is different. I have grown up. My past ten years are in that little room of my mind, I will close it tight to start the next ten years without hesitations. I got to take the step right now or I may not be able to do it later. I am just me, but more mature, much energized and full of strengths. I am not taking about my weakness right now, it's not the time yet.

And I just can climb higher and I will. I spent much time figuring out who I am and how I can deal with self and all surroundings. Now, I realized my weakness, my strength and a little about my mind yet it's enough to do a lot and I will do. I will go till the end and I will reach my limits. I will be patient with my weak self and sturdy with my strong one. I will do more and say less until my actions tell the rest.
Before I wasn't sure about many things, but NOW I've read a lot of stories and realized many things. 

The story of mine can only start with my own hand pinning the first chapter just like this. People don't need talents to be intelligent, they only need to be curious enough to search and learn. What we believe in what leads us unconsciously. We can't live alone or loneliness will eat us. We don't have to count age by years or days, we just have to make happy events, worthy deeds and successful stories, then age will be written by actions not numbers. 

All have to be done now is putting the pen down and starting the engine with no delay.