So, it's okay

  • No matter how slow you are going or how slow you are getting close to your dreams, you are still in the right direction, so it's okay..
  • The little features you own that simply don't stand out yet no one else have can change your world when you realize their own value, don't belittle them, so it's okay to be simple.
  • The most beautiful thing is to have the big hope while you are struggling and sweating hard trying to just go on, this is what gonna make you succeed, so it's okay to be a little man with a giant hope.
  • You may have wasted much time in the past which will not come back, but it's okay that you are reaching the extent of realizing how precious the next hours, days and years are. It's a lesson, so it's okay.
  • If you really want to do it, you will do it and you can do it no matter what happens and no matter how much time and effort it takes, so it's okay as long as you really really want to do it.
  • The thing about life is of believing in you, growing the hope inside you, making the best use of you, doing the best efforts for you, comforting you, befriending you and living your own life the best way in the eyes of you. So, You are okay as long as you are just you.