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How to train your mind to be positive

The mind is simple and to train your mind to be positive, you need to know a few things. It's like that; what you do and how you act is the reflection of your inner thoughts. You think you are clever and you are going to be a great man one day, then it's a fact. 
Just like a mirror in your room; you think your hair is a mess and you are like a ghost, then you look at the mirror with such a mindset and see a scary ghost. 

Try it for real, but try it on its bright side; plant a seed in your mind and water it for a week, then look for your yield after that week and I am sure you will be satisfied. The seed is your inner whispers you are goings to repeat everyday to yourself, the water is adding plenty of thoughts with non stop setbacks and the yield will be a new person with a surprising mind, strength and positivity. It's not magic, this is science.

Let me tell you; Repetition and affirmations of your orders to the subconscious mind is the best known way to develop a deep faith in your future. Once faith is constructed, inner impulses and feelings come along; feelings of positivity, confidence, acceptance and enthusiasm which make the subconscious mind to build a huge castle of your new character. 

It's not a one-day built castle, it's slowly constructed and developed until you find success on your road. It's always your choice. The positive mind or the negative mind. Once established, it attracts impulses and feelings of success or misfortune. The subconscious mind picks up the feelings, emotions and ideas, then translate them into physical activity. The amount of effort to work hard with positivity or negativity may sound the same, but the road and the outcomes will never become the same.
Orders given to the subconscious mind with belief and faith will be carried out immediately. This is the key. Think positive, feel positivity and have faith, then your mind will act accordingly. Now, what do you thinks, your mind is this simple, right?

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