Now listen to this story

Life needs cleverness along with kindness, each side needs the other one. Being clever is not something that can be gained by staying all night reading about cleverness, it's what you gain through your past mistakes or mistakes of people around you. Try to be smarter than you are and kinder than you need to be.

Now listen to this story...

There was a story of a lion. It was pretending to be sick, all animals of the jungle were worried about their lion king that they went to visit it one after another.
Then, it was the fox's turn. It went towards the cave but never entered inside.
 It asked the lion: how is your health now?
 The lion answered: I am very ill, but why are you waiting outside the cave? you can come closer.
The fox said: no thanks I will never enter. The lion was surprised and asked about the reason.
The fox said: I can see animals' footprints going into your cave but no footprints are coming out of it!
The fox knew it, it knew how clever the lion is, that's why it used its smartness to make sure of its thoughts.
This story tells a lot!
There was a strong lion, but there was a smart fox too...
Use the mind of yours to figure out what's beyond the picture drawn with your eyes. Be kind but don't be absent-minded or you maybe eaten...