Twelve notes to motivate yourself with

You can always motivate yourself with words you say and feelings you grow yourself. You can start with these notes and then go ahead non-stop.

1. Believe in yourself when no one else does..
2. Take one more step to the right when they say you can't..
3. Watch the sunrise every morning when no one else does..
4. Start doing what makes your heart flutter when everything seems to be dull..
5. Tell your heart five times a day that you have a dream and you will go after it..
6. Say "I can do it" five times a day with every cell in your body..
7. Give the order of "never give up" to your mind five times a day..
8. Don't leave everything for circumstances, think of a plan, start with one little thing, stay a bit slow at first but never let your feet on the same spot..
9. Read a short story about positivity, enthusiasm and hope from time to time..
10. Never let your heart gets dry..
11. Engage with people, help others and build friendships..
12. You can always ask for help when things become tangled, you are not alone, remember that.