I have eyes

There are times when I really want to give up everything and just do nothing. I don't want to be a failure, but I just don't fit in the success customs. I do fail a hundred times while succeed once. I am not acceptable for myself!

This feeling is not something new, it happens most of the times. However, I also have that belief: when I reach my limits of despair, I am about to reach another limit of success and even strength. This happens all the time, there is no a forever day, the night must come after all. There is no forever tears or our bodies wouldn't have fluids anymore!
There is no forever anyway. Even life ends!

Today, when I looked out of my room's window, I watched someone who was blind, he wasn't sure where was the house he was looking for, he kept on turning right then left, I felt extremely sorry for his confusion. However, fortunately two elders were passing by and helped him. By then, I felt that I am too petty, how can I give up my dreams when I have two eyes to work hard with and see my results through!
I am healthy and fortunately have eyes, legs and a healthy brain too, then what is there to give it up while I am breathing? what a shame!

Another push came into my life without arranging for it, it just came on time. Thanks GOD for giving me strength again to overcome my shortcomings and fears. I am on my way back again, I am getting ready again for a new start. It doesn't matter if I don't succeed, I just want to do my best and I will.