it's your own life

The only thing you must try your best to control, is your own life.
Plan well and do your best to have less regrets. You can succeed in making it perfect even if only in your own eyes. You just have to dream big and exert efforts to make those dreams come true. This is called happiness which is being able to have dreams and pursue them. Just remember that all your dreams will come true when you have enough courage to pursue them, continuously and non-stop.

Never be taken back by your guilt, regret, misjudging, betrayal or failure. All those are just some rocks on the big road of success. You can make mistakes and correct them, you can have a wrong turn, but the most important is to continue doing your best to correct the wrongs, redo the plans and even start all over again from zeroes.

Paulo Coelho said that the secret of life is in falling seven times and getting up eight times, it was never in never falling!
Donald Trump also said that by losing a battle, you may be on your ways to find a new way to win the war.

Never forget that the mirror you may be looking at only shows the room that you are staying in. The world have much more rooms that you can ever imagine. Never stop trying, always be in action, do your best and walk with hope in your heart.