Best motivational quotes to start your day with

1. To be able to know others is intelligence; to know yourself this is the real wisdom. To be able to master others is strength; to master yourself this is the true power.

2. Don't let things you can not change interfere with the things you are able to do.

3. I don't care how much power you do have, if you don't use it the best way it was found for, then you are wasting your time believing that you are powerful.

4. When you can grow love, faith and hope in one soul, then you have to yield a great future out of someone.

5. When you are given a life lesson, just learn how to handle it well, why was given to you and what can you do to turn your loss into victory will be your real success.

6. When you do your best to get the best use of your ability, this is the real success.

7. You can't find out your dreams unless you have one to start with.

8. The real defeat is just giving up. You are on the road of victory until you give up succeeding.

9. An opportunity may come into your life in the form of one round of failure, just don't let it trick you.

10. Work hard then work harder and then work your hardest and watch your life. Only then there will be nothing you can not do.