Never let your defeats get you

It's okay to let yourself be defeated with the inner belief of something really good is being born, but never let your defeats get you. Strength is made in the hour of defeat. Then, success becomes the result of one defeat after another. It's devastating at times. 

I am not saying that it doesn't matter, I am saying that we must gather up our courage at such times and get up quickly. The best leaders in the world have such a great history of defeats and setbacks. Never think that you are alone. At the same moment you are facing one defeat in your life, there is another person is doing his best to get up after a strong fall. 

So, take care of the moment you are living, do your best to be a white spot in your history book; a white spot of fighting fear, pain and defeat. Prepare yourself for a new battle and believe that everything is going to end in a great victory. Your great belief and confidence in GOD will bring you the best of what you are believing in. This is rule; as much as you believe, you will gain. 

So, never let your defeats get you. You get them under your thumb and make them the seed of the upcoming victory.