One life that makes you proud of you being you

Success is not easy, yet it's not impossible. We are not born successful, but we do fight for our happiness, satisfaction and comfort, this is success. Most successful figures we hear about didn't climb the ladder at one night, they fought battles we do not know about. 
The difference between one successful person and another is a commitment, someone is committed to his own goals and plans. He does whatever he can to stay focused on the overall purpose, fight his battles while concentrating on his goals. He gets sick, tired, devastated and even depressed, but he believes it's temporary, he knows that this is the usual process for success. The greater the goal, the tougher the fight gets. 

There is nothing easier than giving up, you can just ignore it all and live inside a cave of your comfort zone, but guess what? It's like hell, no aims, no dreams and no motivation or desire to get something you want badly which is the joy of life. You get up in the morning, nothing to work hard for or aim to achieve, just eating, sleeping and maybe going to work, a routine aimless life! What a life! You will find a huge gap between what you can do and what you are already doing, you will be full of regrets and have a guilty feeling that will grow with time and then depression will find its way to you. 

You will find yourself thinking about trivial things, picking up on people around you and losing your friends. Yes, this all happens and most of us had such life at a time! So, why go there and torture yourself while you can go through a totally different road with a little more effort to get self-satisfaction?

It's really not easy to fight for a successful life. It's hard and there are times when we want to give it all up and live our peace of mind once again, no one can deny it. However, when we think about it rationally, we will figure out that: 
we wake up every morning when we need to sleep further, we walk a longer road to work when we need to ride even a plane from tiredness, we can starve ourselves, waiting for our family to eat together, we may undergo a sudden appendectomy and have that cuts and sutures that were not calculated to happen. Sometimes we are forced to do things while we are peacefully living, some of them we do for a long time until they become part of out lives without realizing that things changed and we go on living..

It's simply the process of living, things happen while we are breathing and we can do nothing about it but to give the proper response. We can add one more thing from time to time to this process, the difference is that for things we add, we are going to make plans for them, do them accurately enough to get the desired results. The things we do for a long time become habits, build an emperor of new good habits one after one, then one day you are going to be a great person without you realizing it. Your good habits will take you from a nice road to a greater one where you meet new people, some of them may become your lifelong fortune. Upgrade your ways of thinking continuously. Read more about planning, studying, communication skills, motivational quotes and inspirational stories of people who overcome their hardships and develop a successful life. This will boost your motivational energy and positive thinking.

Time is the master of everything. When we know its value, then we are half way there. Time has the magic power of making people realize that they have the ability to make a life of ten years in just one year only when they have the determination and self confidence to do it or waste a life of ten years in only one year when they lose their faith and motivation! Knowing the value of your life, your time and your existence is the building block of your own successful story. Every minute of your life is as precious as your life itself. Never waste a breath in the unknown, the uncertain or the regret. 

Being in a state of mind where you are always aware of where you are going and how you are going to go is the proper thinking strategy. People have hidden abilities and talents they know nothing about just because they were not put in the right situations to uncover them. These situations won't come to you while invading your cave, they need an environment of motivation and continuous competition with oneself, with people around or the community and surroundings to appear and grow properly. When you discover one new ability or a talent of yours, you will feel great and then going towards your dreams on the right road will be spontaneous. The desire to find out your true value will be greater. Only then, the secrets of your character and inner self will be revealed one after another. You are going to adore the life of feeling happiness coexisted with success. This is the sweetness of life. 

Develop a motivational life, that one life that makes you proud of you being you. A life with more achievements, less regrets and full of satisfaction and inner peace.