And at times, I thought that

And at times, I thought that everything would change, but nothing has changed.
 Later, I found out that anything to change, it needs a process and if I do nothing for this to happen, nothing happens. No matter how much I cry and weep.
The real answer is always action. It's to start my own process and make a strategy for my plans, then things are going to change, for sure..
For me to go even only one step forward, I need to close my eyes and imagine my life in ten years later and if I were to chase my dreams, I need to see my hope in dreams to be able to go on. I see my hope, my dreams, my happiness and my whole life.
Then things become brighter and clearer even if this is temporary. I forget the struggles and I just go on. I do it times and times until came to believe that this is the right way to preserve.
I just try and try without giving up. I think of giving up often, but I can never give up why!! Because giving up will get me nowhere and this is not my target!