My night thoughts

It's that time when I have no passion for anything, I dislike whatever I liked before, my dreams and goals are dull and so far, I am keeping this distance from everybody. This happens to everyone, we have that period when our curve is falling down, but I am not forgetting that if I do better and overcome this time, my curve will rise gradually again!

I am trying my best not to fall apart, It's not easy but worth exerting my greatest efforts to reach!
Ideal words like I can do it and I will reach my dreams at times of depression sometimes become annoying.

I have this feeling from time to time, but it works! Yes these words work on me despite how annoyed I get and when repeated continuously the work even better!

Hard times are hard because they won't get off easily. We have to fight and do the unusual efforts of ourselves to get the unusual strength from those times, right?!

I was actually ready to sleep when I had these words on my mind. I wanted to share them with you, good night everybody.. ^_^