I need my self back

Pick yourself up, no one is going to do it for you. These words keep popping into my head. I think it's time for me to take action again. I need to get up, wake up and fight my weakness. Is not this what people normally do when they dwell into their downstate for a while? Yes, this is very true.
I need myself back, my fighting spirit, my will power and my positive attitude. They all must be there for me to go forward and make it up for the wasted time of depression and lack of confidence!
I just need my self back and I know I can do it.
 I have always found such words making me awkward and giving me chills, but while growing up such words keep proving me their power. They wake up my positive thoughts back again that I may even forget they still exist. That's why, I will go on no matter how my state is and I will keep on writing these words and value them as if some special one is writing them for me.