My thoughts for today 18/03/2017

Sometimes we only need to focus on today and only today, so that the fears of the future won't withhold the progress of this today. Today, at this moment, what am I doing? where am I going? And what is the benefit of me doing this or that? 
Simple questions, yes, that's right, but life is all about simplicity. Complications we live at are sometimes the real reason of our depression and inability to make the best use of our capabilities.
What we think of is what we become. So, let's try to think it simple, maybe the answer is right over there!

Today, I tried to think simple and I found out that it is a normal day; I went to work, came back home, had dinner and right now I am updating my blog. Nothing much happened, it's only about work, home and family or people around. However, when I tried to empty my head of thoughts and my heart of feelings, I found out so much to talk about and complain about . My biggest source of complication is deep inside. I know life is not that simple, but some days have to be simple for your life to be clearer. So, finding out calm and clear days while living the complications is something smart. Then, I will try to be smarter and do this clarification so often!