Until you allow it to happen, nothing will happen

And at one moment , just in a blink of eye, things will change. The far away dreams will be the unbelievable reality and the word impossible will surprisingly be possible.
-Do you believe that? *No
-why? *Because miracles can happen anywhere but not here near me.
-You seem to be a pessimist!  *No, I'm just reasonable!
-You are healthy and can do much more than what you see!  *No, I have a lot of health problems and I dont have motivation. I always feel I'm doomed.
A common dialog between me or you or anyone with oneself. But we always forget something really important. Life and fate may be the least expected; an exam you weren't ready for and you just got A with no enough preparations, being a loser in a  situation you are already deep involved and suddenly you make some strange and idiot-like action that turn the things into your favor, or even finding some hidden money in your pocket that  you have totally forgotten for a long time to just come out and surprise you at just the right time!
Such things may happen to you, right? They happen and many other things also may rise, it's just we don't realize the existence of the filled part of the water glass as stress and depression often force our minds into realizing onky the empty part.
We only have two eyes, we can't see the future as we can't even see what's behind us.
Do you believe in love? Yes? No? Some people do while others don't. However, this doesn't mean that real love doesn't exist, right? Do you know how it feels to be laying back in a boat on an island with only green and blue colors with all types of delicious food served, all along with people you love and you are all laughing happily? Is your answer no?
No, let me tell you, there are many people who know this feeling! So, you can't say that this only exists in movies and doesn't exist in real life just because you haven't experienced this yet!
What I mean to say is that the place you are in right now, the feelings that controls you right now, the circumstances that you are immersed in right now and the world that you are watching with your eyes right now, all this is not immortal, wake up. We are living in a changeable world, we change, the air changes and the Earth itself changes. We all move, it's just that we choose to believe in the right beliefs and follow them with strong will and enough determination to defeat that fear of the can not and the impossible, this doesn't mean that we are aware of all the world or specifically we are not aware of all of our own world. So, my friend, let's choose to believe in love, in positivity, in enthusiasm, in dreams and in our reasons of existing on this Earth, and let me remind you and remind myself that nothing will happen until you allow it to happen and the seed won't grow until you water it and work hard taking care of it.

The same with your dreams, they are your precious seeds. So, fight for them and never give up easily.