What can I do to change my life?

She was thinking deeply; what can I do to change my life completely! It was one though that has been loitering her mind for a while. She couldn't find an absolute plan. For someone to change, there must be a reason, a pushing hand and strong will. She knew that very much, yet she also knew that she is still immature to grow such responsibilities in her heart. She is not young in age but she is much younger in life experience. She still has a long way to go. She started to think about it loud: Should I read a lot, watch a lot of people and interact a lot in life, maybe new thoughts and ideas can help me find my answer?  Maybe I have to think first, why do I need this complete change, is my life that bad or maybe because I need it better or is it because I have to make the best use of my abilities and time! I used to dream big yet achieving my dreams was on a very different scale, maybe I have the desire to widen my scale to fit my big dreams!