Again, never give up

Never give up! These words I have been telling myself for a very long time. I haven't reached my goals yet and years are flowing one after another, yet I am not the same person I was ten years or five years or even one month ago. I have changed, my life has changed and my thoughts have been upgraded. It's not the the end point that really matters as much as the process of reaching that end point. Giving up meaning losing hope and without hope we are dead. It's tirning and exhausting, however never stop. The pain your muscles feel is much better that the pain of disappointment your heart may feel. It's okay to feel depressed and low from time to time, but what is not okay is that when you have a negative feeling you start letting go of your dreams. Start again if you have paused and start all over again if you have already stopped. One year from now, you will regret losing time in being hesitated and coward. Whether you are young or old, don't calculate your decisions by the years remaining or the years that have passed. Hey, you don't know when the life ends or who will live longer, do you?
Never give up, my friend. Life is full of amazing things that you haven't seen yet. You can't judge life by the circles you are involed in, there are millions and billions of circles you haven't seen and you know nothing about. So, go on, break off the restrictions and build the most amazing life for the you who deserve it.  You are absolutely capable of anything as long as you are breathing and alive. You can do it, so again, never give u