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She is the lonely girl

She has always been that lonely girl. She used to think about everything, each detail and emotion. She liked the lonely circumstances, it's comfortable to be by your own. Such character suffers from stubbornness, no one can make decisions for her. You can only convince her with the thing she finds logical and comfortable with.

When she loves someone, she would do anything for that one's happiness even if it hard or tiring. You only need to be sincere with her in every feeling and each word to own her trust. One true friend for her is more than enough. Don't try to seduce her with materialistic things, this won't work on her. She is all about emotions, she make the wrong decisions much because her brain is not dominating. Her heart rules! However, it's easy to deceive her, play with her heart because she tends to believe people rather than suspecting them.

Her little room is the whole world for her. She loves it the most. why? Because it is the most safe home. It's where she does everything as playing, studying, working, laughing and crying  all by herself. This kingdom is like the friend whom she shares her life with. She is a good person, people love her, she may not be very social but she gains the most sincere hearts along the road. She is the loneliest ever, but she feels fine. She yearns for love and warmness, yet she is tender and soft. 

Missing the loud laughs, the caring eyes and the most trusty shoulder maybe the only clue for her that points her loneliness. She feels lonely, she is alone but she is not lonely. It is like that equation of having it without having it at the same time.

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